Tacit to Explicit

Tacit to Explicit



Tacit TO Explicit Knowledge

Tacit information:

held inside our heads. Tacit information is highly personal and hard to formalize. Subjective insights, intuitions and hunches fall into this category. This is the soft information that we store in our heads. It is the information of people.

Explicit information:

available for all to see. Explicit information can be expressed in words and numbers, can be easily communicated and shared in the form of hard data, codified procedures or universal principles. This is the hard information that we store in databases. It is the information of machines.

The interconversion of tacit and explicit information provides the social interactions required for creating knowledge. Studying a cook, writing a recipe, creating a menu, and practicing a technique are all examples of interconversion of tacit and explicit information. Each of those steps also requires interactions with others in order to proceed. Thus knowledge is created and innovations are adopted only through a web of social interactions.

REFERENCE: http://www.spreadingscience.com/our-approach/diffusion-of-innovations-in-a-community/2-tacit-explicit-information/

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  1. Amin, please refer to other students of the way they explain about tacit and explicit knowledge.

    Good start!

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